Soy Milk Trio Lotion, EDT & Candle

$ 74.00 $ 84.00


This gift set is perfectly refreshing due to the benefits of the soy and oat proteins.

Our soy lotion is blended with dried milk solids to keep skin looking and feeling soft and supple. Natural jojoba esters and other premium ingredients are added to allow the lotion to go on smoothly, without that greasy feel. The final result is a distinctive lotion that you’ll appreciate the very first time that it touches your skin. And our updated twist on the classic apothecary bottle is sure to enhance any counter top, room or bath!

A lovely and clean combination of our bestselling oat and soy milk fragrances. Long lasting EDT is never overpowering, and bathes the skin in intoxicating fragrance.

MILK. Pure and Simple. Our MILK candle burns for 60 hours. Blended with Oat, Mandarin, Vetiver and Bergamot, with the slightest hint of coconut water it will fill your home with the scent of MILK you've grown to love.

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