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Available in 14 fragrances, AB Home candles are made with our premium waxes to burn longer and cleaner than other common candles. This modern collection is one of our most popular and also features imaginative lettering that reveals the keynotes hidden inside each fragrance.

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The classic AB Home collection encapsulates the design features that make Archipelago Botanicals the pinnacle of luxurious and elegant home fragrance products. These beloved home candles are crafted with quality ingredients, so they can be enjoyed longer and burned cleaner than other home candles. With 15 distinct fragrances available, you can purchase all our most coveted scents as either hand-poured boxed or frosted jar candles or as decorative reed diffusers, which produce an effortlessly continuous fragrance, no flame necessary. No matter your choice, the AB Home collection gives you the comfort, style, and refinement that you crave. 

Each product in the collection comes in sophisticated packaging that hints at the fragrance’s unique notes while blending effortlessly into the beauty of any space in your home. We’ve drawn inspiration from classic botanical and natural scents, combining a variety of complex yet delightful fragrances that will soon become familiar favorites—the box, jar, or home reed diffuser you reach for when you’re entertaining guests, or treating yourself to a relaxing night in. Our candles and diffusers create an unmatched scent throw, filling your space with the carefully curated notes of whichever fragrance you choose. We’ve dedicated decades of expertise and great care to ensure each candle is long-lasting, natural, and beautiful, so your house can feel—and smell—like home.