Coconut Collection

Coconut oil, one of the healthiest oils on Earth, is blended with coconut water, natural extracts, and jojoba esters to create this luxurious bath collection! Alpha hydroxy acids help tame red and dry patches of skin while natural fatty acids provide healing effects to keep skin looking young and hydrated.

Bask in the relaxing scent of sweet, fresh coconut with bath and skin care products crafted from the highest-quality natural ingredients. The delicious fragrances of this collection are made with virgin coconut oil, one of the healthiest and most beneficial natural oils known to modern science. With alpha hydroxy acids to soothe and smooth dry, red skin and natural fatty acids to heal and revitalize, coconut is wonderful as a natural rejuvenator. Our Coconut body lotion includes jojoba esters and citrus hints for a lusciously creamy, non greasy, and lightweight application with a lasting scent. Our Coconut body lotion is also free of parabens, phthalates, and artificial colors so that you can breathe easy as you breathe in the light, refreshing scent.

Our bath products transport you to your own personal oasis with hints of lemon verbena and lime. Smooth our all-natural coconut body lotion over dry skin or sensitive skin type for plentiful moisturizing, soak in our bubble bath to refresh both your mind and body or lather up our Coconut hand wash or body wash for a truly cleansing experience. Savor your relaxation on your terms with the exceptionally fresh, clean coconut scent, like a gentle breeze kissing your skin.