Botanico De Havana Collection

Designed to evoke the 1940's glamour of the small apothecaries, known as "boticarios" that lined the romantic side streets of Havana, this personal collection pays homage to natural beauty ingredients like Coffee Bean and Tobacco Flower, as well as the pure aromatherapy and natural essences of Oranges, Sugar Cane, and Sweet Pineapple. These ingredients contain the AHA's, antioxidants, and other agents that actively moisturize, hydrate, and reduce the redness associated with dry, rough skin.

Step into the nostalgia of 1940s Havana with the transporting scents and sensations of this one-of-a-kind collection. From Botanico de Havana reed diffusers and candles to lotions, washes, and more, each element of the collection has been carefully curated to evoke the essence and romance of small apothecaries, or “boticarios,” on the sunny streets of Cuba. Neither too sweet nor too deep, neither wholly feminine nor entirely masculine, this versatile and tantalizing fragrance blend strikes the perfect balance between luxurious and effortless. Notes of coffee bean and tobacco flower mingle with the natural essences and clean citrus finish of oranges, sweet pineapple, and sugar cane to create this fragrance blend that's become a signature scent. 

Not just fragrant but functional too, the Botanico de Havana body lotion is perfect for alleviating dry, rough skin and irritation. The same natural ingredients that create its characteristic scent also contain AHAs, antioxidants, and other natural ingredients that treat the redness and roughness of dry skin, while going on smooth and not feeling greasy. Between Botanico de Havana body wash, hand crème, and all-natural soap, these personal care products are as clean and nourishing as their refreshing, sophisticated fragrance. Breathe in the subtle notes and enticing aroma of coriander, cedarwood, wild peony, and bay leaf as you transport to another time, another place, another life.