Home Cleaning

In a nod to our botanical roots, we offer a collection of botanical and mineral-based home cleaning and laundry products. Each product is free of harmful chemicals and remarkably effective. Products that we made to use in our own homes, that we invite you to use in yours.

Elevate Your Household Cleaning Products with Archipelago

Keep your home clean and your family safe when you choose our natural cleaning products. These plant-based, non-toxic cleaning products are gentle on your body but tough on dirt, grime, and stains—because the products you bring into your house should be simple, safe, and effective, no matter what they’re used for. We use zero harsh chemicals in our natural cleaning products, making it the safer choice for your family.

Unlike conventional cleaning products that use harsh chemicals, our all purpose cleaner, dish soap, glass cleaner, and additional cleaning supplies use essential oils and all-natural extracts. The natural ingredients, essential oils, and pleasant fragrances of our new plant-based cleaning products offer the elegance and excellence expected from Archipelago without compromising our commitment to your health and safety. Our all-natural cleaner formulas are carefully designed to protect your family, with safe, plant-based ingredients and an eye toward making home care a more calming experience. For once, household cleaning might even be a source of relaxation. 

Our plant-based cleaning products are nature’s solution to fighting bacteria, clearing away dirt and dust with ease—no artificial chemicals required. And for laundry products that are as soft and clean as the clothing you wash in them, shop our all-natural detergent formulas. 

Our collection of natural household cleaning products will leave your home feeling light, airy, freshly scented, and most importantly, clean.