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Our long lasting diffusers add a decorative touch and fill the home with several months of intoxicating fragrance! The complex and powerful fragrance blends continuously diffuse into the air, instantly greeting anyone who enters the room. Each diffuser set includes fragrance oil, a decorative wooden cap, and natural diffuser reeds.

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When you want to fill your home with an elegant, intoxicating fragrance, a reed diffuser works wonders. The continuous aroma from a reed diffuser can provide your home its own signature scent. Present, but not overpowering, the lingering smell of a jasmine petal or freshly cut arugula will make an impression on your guests. Each diffuser set includes fragrance oil, a decorative wooden cap, and natural reed diffuser sticks.

Each thoughtfully crafted reed diffuser set allows you to come home to the familiar embrace of a scent you really love. Simply place a reed inside the open bottle, sit back, and enjoy your favorite home fragrance for several months, reaping the relaxation benefits of all-natural essential oils mixed with a carrier oil. Our reed diffuser collection includes dozens of multifaceted fragrances with diverse and layered key notes.

The natural addition to an elegant home, a decorative reed diffuser will quietly adorn your table, shelf, or bookcase, and might even start a few conversations along the way. A long-lasting diffuser is the best way to gift a loved one with that scent you know they adore. Explore our varied collection of scents, styles, and sizes for the diffuser that fits your unique home.