Charcoal Rose Collection

Our Charcoal Rose Collection is the essence of Roses blended with the subtle smoky scent of Charcoal. This new collection has modernized the rose fragrance and created an enchanting blend you'll love. Each product is the perfect blend of Subtle Charcoal, Fresh Roses, and Mandarin Peel. Feel the benefits of activated charcoal on your skin and experience what it is like to have luxuriously silky and smooth skin.

The gentle smokiness of activated charcoal, a deeply purifying and cleansing ingredient, grounds the light, fresh scent of fresh cut roses, creating a fragrance from essential oils that is both floral and elegant. With its unique blend of seemingly contradictory ingredients and additional base notes of mandarin peel, peony petals, and clary sage, the Charcoal Rose collection is our carefully developed answer to the quintessential rose fragrance oil.

This curated ingredient list shines in our Charcoal Rose lotions, where the activated charcoal lends its detoxifying and gently exfoliating powers to the natural silky smoothness of rose-based lotion. Rose bath and body products can help keep your skin soft, supple, and shining. These indulgent elements of our collection also make the perfect gifts for yourself or others, empowering you to develop a calming and well-deserved beauty routine with a modernized rose fragrance. For more of this distinct Charcoal Rose fragrance our elegant candles and essential oil diffusers lend serenity and perfume your sacred space.

Charcoal Rose has modernized the rose fragrance, forming an enchanting blend you'll love.