California Right to Know Act

California Right to Know Act California Senate Bill No. 258, the “Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017” requires that manufacturers who sell designated products in the State disclose information about certain chemicals contained in those products. Any chemical listed in SB-258 must be disclosed. Archipelago considers certain information about its fragrance blends as confidential trade secrets. As provided for in SB-258, any ingredient claimed as confidential information will not be disclosed; however, the use of any withheld ingredient and any fragrance allergen included on Annex III of the EU Cosmetics Regulation No. 1223/2009 is disclosed.

Information on the date of manufacture of any designated product is available by calling (800) 399-4994.
For more information regarding SB-258, click here.

Each Archipelago product subject to SB-258 is listed below.  Click for detailed information:  

Agave Reed Diffuser

All Purpose Cleaner

Arugula Reed Diffuser

Aspen Luxe Diffuser

Bamboo Teak Reed Diffuser

Bergamot Reed Diffuser

Bergamot Tobacco Reed Diffuser

Birch Reed Diffuser

Big Sur Luxe Diffuser

Big Sur Pura Diffuser 

Black Forest Reed Diffuser

Botanico de Havana Reed Diffuser

Breckenridge Luxe Diffuser

Charcoal Rose Laundry Detergent 

Charcoal Rose Reed Diffuser

Charleston Reed Diffuser

Currant Reed Diffuser

Dubai Reed Diffuser

Enfleurage Reed Diffuser

Eucalyptus Pura Diffuser

Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser

Eucalyptus Mint Reed Diffuser

Fragrance-Free Spot Cleaner

Glass Cleaner

Grapefruit Dish Soap

Grapefruit Hand Wash

Hamptons Luxe Diffuser

Havana Pura Diffuser

Havana Reed Diffuser

Hinoki Wood Reed Diffuser

Jasmine Reed Diffuser

Kashmir Reed Diffuser

Kashmir Pura Diffuser

Kennebunkport Luxe Diffuser

Key West Luxe Diffuser

Laguna Luxe Diffuser

Lanai Reed Diffuser

Lavande Pura Diffuser

Lavande Reed Diffuser

Lavender Thyme Reed Diffuser

Lemmongrass Reed Diffuser

Lindenwood Reed Diffuser

Luna Reed Diffuser

Magnolia Reed Diffuser

Malibu Luxe Diffuser

Mango Tangerine Reed Diffuser

Martha's Vineyard Luxe Diffuser

Montauk Luxe Diffuser

Monterey Luxe Diffuser

Nantucket Luxe Diffuser

Napa Luxe Diffuser

Napa Pura Diffuser

Naples Luxe Diffuser

Neroli Reed Diffuser

Palm Beach Luxe Diffuser

Park City Luxe Diffuser

Peony Reed Diffuser

Pineapple Ginger Reed Diffuser

Pink Grapefruit Reed Diffuser

Pink Peppercorn Reed Diffuser

Pomegranate Citrus Reed Diffuser

Positano Reed Diffuser

Pumpkin Macchiato Pura Diffuser

Pumpkin Macchiato Reed Diffuser

Rue Saint Honore Reed Diffuser

Sanibel Island Luxe Diffuser

Santorini Reed Diffuser

Savannah Reed Diffuser

Sea Reed Diffuser

South Beach Luxe Diffuser

Stonehenge Reed Diffuser

Sun Valley Luxe Diffuser

Tulum Reed Diffuser

Vail Luxe Diffuser

Verbena Reed Diffuser

Verbena Basil Reed Diffuser

Winter Frost Pura Diffuser

Yuzu Bergamot Reed Diffuser

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