Morning Mint Collection

Jump start each morning with a gentle boost from Mother Nature! Naturally invigorating essential oils, such as Fresh Basil and Mandarin, awaken the senses and fill the shower with amazing notes of citrus and mint. There is no better way to start the day!

Start your day the right way with the invigoratingly fresh formulas of our Morning Mint collection. 

The essential oils awaken your senses for a clearer, brighter wake-up routine while releasing a light natural fragrance. The fresh scent of Morning Mint combines earthy, citrus, and floral tones to create a restorative and revitalizing scent while adding a pop of green to any shower or sink. Botanical extracts from fresh basil, mandarin, tea leaves, and of course, wild mint essential oils come together to create the Morning Mint bath and body collection, perfect for gentle but deep cleansing. 

Lather up with body wash or luxurious bar soap, and once you step out of the shower, apply Morning Mint lotion to lock in moisture and boost hydration for combination, dry skin, or any sensitive skin type. Throughout the day, apply the rich, non-greasy hand crème for subtle yet refreshing hydration. The collection includes travel-size mint body lotion and body wash, so you can easily maintain your skincare rituals while on the go—especially after long flights and early wake-up calls. 

For early risers and late sleepers alike, incorporate everyday luxury into your skincare routine with Morning Mint. It’s not just your key to waking up, but to taking on the entire day with a rejuvenated spirit, healthy skin, and well-cared-for body.