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Our Luxe Candles and Reed Diffusers are a sleek and luxurious way to bring the outdoors in. Fill your space with fragrances inspired by California, the East Coast, the mountains and Florida. Each candle is crafted with 100% Coconut Wax and poured into a beautiful white glass jar with a dramatic wooden lid. They have double wicks, which give each candle a long and clean burn.

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Breathe in the rich scents of the great outdoors with an everyday Luxe scented candle. From the cool waters of the Atlantic to the sunny shores of the West Coast, Luxe candles draw their inspiration from some of the most beautiful coastal cities and towns across the country. 

Breathe in a calming blend of driftwood and jasmine with a Hamptons Luxe Candle, or evoke an afternoon on the water with notes of fresh kale and rose petals from your Martha’s Vineyard Luxe Reed Diffuser. Bring California’s coolness and luxury to your living room with a Malibu or Big Sur Luxe Candle. Missing the mountains? Candles inspired by peaks like Aspen and Sun Valley will transport you to your favorite luxury getaways.

Crafted with care in small batches, Luxe candles are made with 100% coconut wax and hand poured into elegant white glass jars and square bottles that instantly elevate any room decor. Choose from larger candles with 100 hours of burn time or smaller votive sets for a whirlwind tour of faraway places. For a longer-lasting scent that perfumes the entire room, try a sleek reed diffuser made with essential oils that can release continuous fragrance for months at a time. 

Shop the Luxe collection of mountain and coastline candles to rediscover the beauty of the natural world—and maybe inspire your next getaway.