Glass Jar Candles

Each of our Glass and Jar candles are hand poured with our premium waxes and feature our complex blends of essential oils and natural or fine fragrances.

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Add a tasteful touch of elegance and subtle fragrance to your home with a classic, apothecary-inspired glass jar candle. Archipelago jar candles are a perfect marriage of pleasant scent and stylish decoration, bringing fresh fragrances from around the world to the comfort of your home. Encased in glass, candles are at their safest—standing sturdily atop tables or other flat surfaces, they can hold their shape, and any hot wax is contained. Plus, you can breathe easy while enjoying our premium soy or coconut wax blends and lead-free cotton wick. 

Our hand-poured candle wax in glass candle jars and simple, elegant boxes are the perfect gift for a loved one on a special day, particularly our duo gift sets. You’ll find numerous multi-note fragrances and an array of product options to suit your preferences—sleek black, elegant white, or charming frosted glass. In your search for jar candles, you can browse dozens of unique, multi-faceted scents inspired by the loveliest flowers, trees, spices, and even locations that conjure past memories or inspire future adventures. Choose from a variety of carefully crafted and layered fragrance blends, available in each glass candle.

Take a trip to Havana or the Hamptons; immerse yourself in the calming fragrances of jasmine or eucalyptus; enjoy the experience alone or set the mood at a celebration. A glass jar candle of any scent or size can decorate the home, soothe the mind, and delight the senses.