Black Forest Collection

This warm, sultry blend of black currant, ebony wood, and Douglas fir has steadily become one of our most beloved fragrances, and a celebrity favorite to boot. With a dramatic design and intoxicating aroma, our Black Forest scent will enhance the ambiance of any room it’s in!

Sink deep into the rich ambiance of an intoxicating fragrance. Black Forest is a warm, sweet, and dramatic blend of dark ebony wood, Douglas firs, and black currant. Notes and sweet hints of oranges, spiced clementine, and white cloves add complexity and depth to this sultry scent, while blue spruces, white cedars, and Balsam firs form a dark forest of fragrances around you. The striking Black Forest candle can lend a layer of refinement to any space you’re in. You’ll find this favorite in every form, from Black Forest travel tins, to bring along on your travels, to extra large three-wick candles that easily fill a room anddelight the senses. 

Our Black Forest diffusers offer yet another way to enjoy this exquisite dark ebony woods scent. The sophisticated ebony reeds draw the fragrant essential oils up to fill your space with several months of rich, woodsy, sweetness. The Black Forest aroma at the heart of this collection is cultivated through a small-batch, barrel-aged production process for a quality-first approach, always. And with Black Forest diffuser oils available to refill and a variety of ways to enjoy the Black Forest fragrance, you’ll never have to go without your new favorite.