Eau De Toilette Collection

Our long lasting Eau de Toilettes are never overpowering, and they bathe the skin in an intoxicating fragrance. The gentle spray can be applied on damp skin to fully absorb the fragrance for a long lasting, lingering scent on your body.

With the light, effervescent fragrances of eau de toilettes, you can establish a signature scent and enjoy long-lasting effects yourself. Eau de toilette fragrance quietly and unobtrusively makes its presence known in lingering, intoxicating traces. With four unique, subtly sweet fragrance types, eau de toilette fragrances by Archipelago provide the perfect scented escapee. Crafted from natural ingredients like essential oils, other fragrant oils, perfume essence, and aromatic compounds to create an alluring and unforgettable signature scent. 

Eau de toilettes also make a lovely gift for family and friends on a holiday, or for that special someone, just because. Carefully formulated with fragrant oils and distinct fragrance notes that complement its feature fragrance, each Archipelago Eau de Toilette perfume conjures a unique image—like a lush garden suddenly in bloom or the vibrant streets of old Havana.