Pomegranate Collection

Ancient Greeks touted the pomegranate's medicinal benefits and modern science confirms its powerful antioxidant abilities. Add our premium ingredients, including Phase II Enzyme boosters to help detoxify and cleanse, and you get our award winning Pomegranate Collections that will keep your skin looking vibrant and healthy.

Since the days of Ancient Greece, pomegranates have prevailed as both a sweet treat and medicinal mainstay. Modern science has since confirmed what the Greeks knew to be true—there are powerful antioxidant properties within these bright, delicious fruits. Capable of reducing inflammation, protecting against certain cancers, supporting heart health, and more, pomegranates are much more than just a mythological symbol.

Our Pomegranate bath products use high-quality natural ingredients to keep skin clean, soft, smooth, and soothed. The Pomegranate body lotion, body oil, and moisturizing body wash feature a fruity blend of Valencia oranges, white peach, McIntosh apples, and pineapple to create a deliciously light fragrance with real fruit extracts.

Start in the shower with a small amount of Pomegranate body wash and build up a moisture-rich lather to cleanse and refresh. While your skin is still damp, moisturize with either Pomegranate body lotion or body oil for deep hydration. The soothing formula will leave your skin feeling soft and looking vibrant. Wash up with Pomegranate hand wash to enjoy a small moment of luxury every time you use this nurturing, cleansing formula and breathe in the fruity fragrance. Complete your personal care routine with eau de toilette to keep the sweet scent with you all day. 

Shop our Pomegranate body wash and personal care products today to elevate your skincare regimen.