Privacy Policy

Thank you for shopping with us.

We value our own privacy when we shop online, and know that you do too. 

When you visit, know that your information isn’t going to be used for anything other than the transaction you choose and to manage your relationship with us.  You’re private information isn’t going to fall into the wrong hands, or any hands outside of our company.

Here’s a summary of what we’re doing to protect your privacy.


General Privacy Policy

We will never disclose any of your personal information, including your email address or phone number to any third party.  (The only exception would be if we were compelled to turn information over by a judge – but that’s never happened). 

If you visit our site online, we collect information regarding how you and everybody else uses our site and got to us, but we only use this information, ourselves, to try to make the shopping and marketing experience better and more efficient, and to hopefully get you to the information you want and need from us, faster.  This, like virtually everything else you do with us remains confidential.  Period.


Secure Shopping

Read the news and you hear about credit card fraud and hackers.  Here’s what we’re doing to make sure that you never hear our name associated with any of that fraud.

First of all, we protect our servers with advanced encryption technology (“SSL”) to make sure that the information you’re sending to us, stays with us.  

More importantly, we don’t store or capture your credit card information on our servers or in our file cabinets.  We only get part of your credit card number, and your credit card company stores the other part.  This means that you have to provide us with your credit card each every time you make a purchase from us, but we think that extra level of security is worth it.  Importantly, so does MasterCard, Visa and American Express.  If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.

And if you ever come to our site and get a warning that it's somehow "not safe", please don't panic or leave!  The reason is that you put https instead of http when you entered our name in your browser.  (We're not completely sure why that kind of subtle nuance would make a difference, but all of our seemingly 20 and 30-something tech experts assure us that it's the case.  We tried, and they were right.)  It may be a little more detail than you need, but here's the deal: the pages off our home page, unlike our secure checkout is not delivered using a SSL protocol.  Why?  Because no sensitive information is transferred between your browser and our servers until we get to checkout.  And when you actually get near the checkout and even start to think about sharing confidential information, know that it's a completely different story: the checkout page itself takes place only our advanced encryption technology ("SSL") secured servers, or on a 3rd party secured page such as Paypal.

Mailing Lists

We don’t sell or share our mailing lists.  Ever.


Electronic Communications

When you send us an email, or make a transaction on shopARCHIPELAGO, you’re communicating electronically with us.  When you do that, you’re consenting for us to respond or reach back out electronically and, when we do, it’s as if we’ve sent something to you in the U.S. mail.  If you prefer that we communicate in some other way besides electronically, or not at all, please let us know.  We try to make that as easy as possible by giving one-click options to tell us that whenever possible. If that’s not enough or if you have any concern, please call us at 800-399-4994 or send an email to