Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you enjoy our products, enjoy working with us, and that we always provide you with the information you need. However, it’s a crazy world out there, and a lot of people are tempted to use company websites, like this one, for reasons never intended and/or to get or use information that doesn’t belong to them. Please read these terms and conditions, and know that you are bound by them.

Limited License

Archipelago, Inc. grants you a limited license to access and view the information contained our website, but not to download or copy it for any other purpose than making or considering an immediate purchase. This is a limited license and authorization. Without our express written consent, you are not authorized or allowed to copy or use our photos, logos, images, words, trademarks, store names, marketing or display contents, store lists or parts of this website, or any other information that a reasonable person would consider to be proprietary or protected. That’s not fair or ethical. And you can’t do that electronically via automatic or “trolling” software either. You are not authorized to use this website, or any portions of it to make any false, misleading or derogatory comments about our company, employees or products. Without our express written consent, you cannot attach, link, or cause any part of our website to be attached, linked or used – electronically, automatically, or otherwise - to market, direct or encourage others to visit any other site that is not owned and operated by Archipelago, Inc., its subsidiaries, or its assigns. Without our express written consent, you cannot use the words Archipelago, Archipelago Botanicals or any variation thereof designed to mislead or misdirect any unsuspecting person to a third party website or business that is not operated or licensed by Archipelago, Inc. These are registered trade names. As it is, this limited license can be revoked by us at any time.

Registered Trademarks

Archipelago and Archipelago Botanicals are registered trade names. All unauthorized use is specifically prohibited.