AB Home

A modern collection, featuring imaginative lettering and premium wax blends.

Black Forest

Made from dark ebony woods combined with Douglas fir and black patchouli.

Black Honey

Our honey-based collection, made to soften skin and balance complexion.

Botanico de Havana

Crafted from natural ingredients, such as coffee bean and tobacco flower.

Charcoal Rose

The essence of roses blended with the subtle smoky scent of charcoal.


Coconut oil and water combined to form a moisturizing bath collection.


Location-inspired, offering a diversity of layered scents and colors.

Home Cleaning

Bio-based surfactants and natural fragrances power these cleaning supplies.


The therapeutic benefits of lavender enhanced by five essential oils.


Inspired by the natural wonders of California, the East Coast, Florida and the mountains.


Our award-winning formula, designed to gently nurture and soothe skin.

Morning Mint

Jump start your day with an invigorating boost of mint.


A powerful antioxidant to help detoxify and cleanse.


This classic, eco-friendly line features soy wax and recycled packaging.