Travel Sizes Collection

We've made some of our favorite fragrances into travel-sized lotions and body washes, perfect for a little self-care while you're on the go. They're also perfectly sized to try the fragrance before committing to a full size.

Shouldn’t vacations be as relaxing as possible—starting as soon as you leave the house? Break free of airport stress and take luxury on the go with our travel-size products. You can explore nine unique fragrances inspired by classic flowers, fruits, and other plants. Our hand lotion is formulated with gentle and moisturizing ingredients like Shea Butter and enriched with Vitamin E to suit every skin type, from dry skin to sensitive skin. Each scent is supported by complementary keynotes, elevating a scent as simple as mint to a lovely, complex, and subtly balanced herbal blend. 

The versatility of our travel-size products makes them suitable for any journey, whether you’re exploring a land far from home or going home to spend the weekend with your cherished family. Take your signature scent across the world with travel-size hand cream that locks in moisture, or slip a small body wash into your carry-on bag and watch it sail smoothly through TSA security. On a chilly vacation of ski slopes, snowmen, and hot chocolate, you can keep your hands smooth and hydrated with travel size lotion. Cuddle up by the fire with relaxing lavender or conjure up warmer weather with a refreshing coconut travel-size moisturizer. And if you are traveling somewhere tropical? You can enjoy the beach, return to your hotel, and wash away the sand with a travel-size body wash in our unique Botanico de Havana fragrance. Bon voyage to you and your favorite set of convenient, fragrant products!