Pura Smart Home Diffuser Collection

The next generation of fragrance technology is here. Archipelago has partnered with Pura to create a new and sophisticated way for you to curate your own fragrance experience with the touch of a button! This smart home fragrance diffuser will intensify the ambiance in your home and give you the ultimate fragrance experience.

Archipelago is pleased to collaborate with PURA, the modern elevation of classic fragrance diffuser technology. The PURA Smart Home Diffuser fills your home with the fragrance you’ve selected while allowing you to control its strength and duration from your smartphone. Try popular diffuser scents Big Sur and Napa, or refill your PURA diffuser with some of our best-selling fragrances sitewide like French Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Havana. Let the scent fill your home, relax your mind and ease your senses.   

For those with pets or small children, the PURA diffuser can be a safer option than a traditional reed diffuser. Simply plug it into a wall outlet, press a button, and enjoy a pleasant fragrance that lasts for weeks or months at a time. No need to recharge or replace batteries—the only upkeep necessary is an occasional oil refill. 

 PURA diffuser technology is the next step in the world of home fragrance. Its sleek design and pure white shade will be a discreet, delightful addition to the décor of your home. PURA’s smart technology features allow you to control scent throw from your phone, customize light settings, set on-off timers, and more. The PURA diffuser’s geo-location technology will even adjust scent throw to increase when you’re at home and turn off when you leave. PURA home fragrance is the easiest way for your family to enjoy the loveliest scents all through the house.