Boxed Candles

Discover our elegant boxed candles featuring bold fragrances blended with a premium wax blends. They are the perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

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There’s perhaps no gift more classic, timeless, or sure-to-please than a scented candle giftbox. Our boxed candles boast a level of quality that is sure to be noticed and appreciated. Each of our gift-boxed candles is carefully crafted with natural essential oils fragrance such as jasmine, lavender, subtle hints of wood, bergamot, and other citrus oils, and include lead-free cotton wicks, and a premium soy wax blend. And each scent features a collection of carefully selected keynotes: our eucalyptus fragrance floats on a bed of Siberian fir needles, flowers, and fresh fruits, while the petals of our jasmine scent intermingle with those of gardenias, lilies, and orange blossoms. 

In your search for boxed scented candles, you can choose from dozens of fragrances, gifting your loved one with the scent of that flower they adore or one inspired by a global destination that has special meaning for both of you. It's the perfect gift and the perfect way to show your appreciation. Our elegant, thoughtfully designed means these boxed candles delight more than just one sense—they look right at home alongside classy home decor. You can wrap your aromatic offering or leave it in its original gift box—candle, reed diffuser, or otherwise. If you’re shopping for an upcoming holiday or just looking to make your loved one smile, our boxed scented candle gifts are a lovely, long-lasting way to say you care.