Stonehenge Pura Diffuser Refill

Replenish your PURA Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser with our Stonehenge Pura Diffuser Refill. Inspired by the mystery and beautiful surroundings of Stonehenge, this warm, smokey, and zesty fragrance features a blend of Smoked Cedar, Bergamot, and Amber.
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$ 20.00
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Key Notes

Smoked Cedar



Fragrance Details

A blend of Smoked Cedar, Bergamot, and Amber.

Product Details

  • Adjust fragrance intensity, turn it on-off, and schedule it all from your phone
  • Create different moods for different rooms or seasons. Additional fragrances are available (and sold separately).
  • Geo-location technology releases scent upon arrival and shuts off when you leave
  • Customize the ambient nightlight to your style
  • Pet & Kid-friendly
  • Paraben / Phthalate free
  • Cruelty-free


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