Hand Spray Collection

Quickly and efficiently clean your hands on the go with our collection of naturally-derived Hand Sprays. Available in three all-natural fragrances, each plant-based Alcohol Hand Spray kills germs and sanitizes hands without harmful chemicals. You'll never want to leave home without it.

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A hand sanitizer spray is the quickest, easiest way to clean your hands while you’re out and about. Our hand sanitizer products come in three pleasant, all-natural fragrances: a bright, lovely grapefruit, the classic, endlessly relaxing lavender scent, and a fresh, leafy-green mint. You can take a sanitizer spray with you anywhere, enjoying the anytime convenience of a quick cleanse. Better yet, Archipelago’s elegant, thoughtful designs and elevated fragrances turn a quick, casual clean-up into an upscale experience.


Take these bottles almost anywhere with confidence, whether that’s to a park, museum, restaurant, or theatre. Our conveniently sized hand spray bottles fit in a clutch, purse, backpack, or overnight bag. For those who rely on hand sanitizer spray, alcohol is a much-loved base, as it fights common germs with great efficiency. No need for toxic or harsh chemicals—our hand sprays use the simplest, most long-standing bacteria-fighting ingredient in the book. Effective alcohol sanitizer spray meets luxury self-care when you select from among our three light, refreshing fragrances. In addition to products for hand cleansing, you can choose an Everyday Alcohol Spray to keep hard surfaces in your home feeling clean and smelling good, too.