Signature Collection

This rustic collection features a variety of unique blends. Natural and fine fragrance blends are delivered in an array of renewable soy wax candles and home diffusers. All are gracefully adorned with our signature AB coin and placed in recyclable packaging. Being green never smelled so good!

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Shop the Signature Collection to find a timeless scent for any occasion. Choose from 14 distinct natural fragrances and natural scent blends like Charcoal Rose, Lavender Thyme, Pineapple Ginger, and Eucalyptus Mint, to create an enticing ambiance and welcoming ambiance throughout your home.  

From citrus fruits and light florals to woody blends and subtle musk, our natural fragrance formulas will refresh a space and delight anyone who passes through—or stops to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. No synthetic fragrances or synthetic ingredients, just pure essential oils and aromatic isolates blended by our expert perfumers. 

Our signature soy candles are all hand-poured with natural soy wax, essential oil blends, and organic cotton wicks. With burn times of 50 to 60 hours, you can enjoy your natural fragrances in full before switching out your scents with the changing of the season or your mood. For a longer-lasting fine fragrance, opt for a reed diffuser that seamlessly fills a room for several months. With a sleek glass jar and decorative wooden cap, a reed diffuser is a perfect accent piece. Once the diffuser is empty, simply pour our refill natural fragrance oil into the jar and continue using the reeds for a low-waste way to enjoy luxury fragrance products. 

Keep them for yourself or gift them to loved ones. Our signature soy candles and diffusers make thoughtful gifts, and with a variety of scents, you can find a fine fragrance fit for anyone.