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Votive & Petite Candles Collection

Discover your favorite luxury candles in petite size! Our votives and petite luxury candles are great for small spaces and as gifts for someone special.
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    Winter Frost Votive Candle Quick View

    Winter Frost Votive Candle
    Free Gift

    $ 7.80 $ 13.00

    Decorate with candlelight this holiday season. Our Winter Frost single votive candle is filled with the distinctive holiday fragrance blend of Whit...
    Winter Frost Votive Gift Set Quick View

    Winter Frost Votive Gift Set
    Free Gift

    $ 40.80 $ 68.00

    A special 5 piece gift set designed to celebrate the season. Enjoy individually, or disperse the hand-poured candles throughout the room to greet y...

    Votive Candles & Luxe Petite Candles

    Our diverse collection of scented votive candles will add a soft glow to any space, creating a peaceful aesthetic and generating a subtle but delightful scent. You can place a single petite candle in a small space to give it light and fragrance or scatter many throughout a garden, living room, bathroom, or party area to craft a romantic ambiance or a calming mood.

    Votive candles, with their delicate size and elegant, reflective glass containers, are perfect for casting light without overwhelming a small space. These scented votive candles come in classic, nature-inspired scents, as well as our unique fragrances designed to call to mind global destinations from Positano to Martha’s Vineyard. If you and a friend or loved one share precious memories of a particular city, you can give them the gift of recalling those times with an Excursion votive candle set. Votive candles are also a popular choice for ceremonial family moments, like memorials, holidays, and other religious traditions.

    Each of our votive candles is formulated with a premium soy wax blend, lead-free cotton wicks, and natural essential oils, enclosed in a 100% glass votive candle holder. They're clean burning and have a burn time of approximately 16 hours. Make a selection from among our many votive candles and enjoy the pleasure of giving a thoughtful gift or setting the perfect mood.