How to use your Pura Smart Home Diffuser

1. Download and launch Pura app on your smartphone.
2. Create an account and begin on-boarding sequence.
3. Scan QR Code on the back of your device and then plug it in.
4. Allow the app to connect to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
5. Scan the QR Codes of your selected fragrances and insert them into the correct bays (make sure to unscrew the lids and that they double click into the device).
6. On the app, select the room the device is located in.
7. Review and select "Finish"

How long does each fragrance last?

Pura fragrances last approximately 120 hours.

How big of a space does the Pura Smart Home Diffuser fill?

The Pura device can fill up to 1000 square feet depending on the fragrance you are using and the intensity you select.

Can both fragrances be used at the same time?

No, only 1 fragrance can be used at a time. 

Can the device be moved to different rooms?

Yes, simply use the app to change the room to the new location.

Are the fragrance vials recyclable?

Yes, they are! Don't forget to carefully remove the wick before recycling. (Never allow the wick to come in contact with skin, eyes, or a finished surface.)