Laguna Luxe Reed Diffuser

Awash your senses in the salty, sweet fragrance blend in our Laguna Luxe Reed Diffuser. Our inspiration behind this fragrance blend of Ocean Mist, Sea Greenss, and Ylang Ylang was the scenic coves and beaches that make Laguna a favorite beach destination. Release the scent by inserting the wicker reeds into the open bottle and the reeds will permeate the scent throughout the room for several months.

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Key Notes

Sea Greens

Wild Grasses

Ylang Ylang

Fragrance Details

A blend of Sea Greens, Wild Grasses, and Ylang Ylang.

Product Details

  • Net Weight: 7.6 fl oz. / 224 ml
  • Useful Life: Several months (depending on room conditions).
  • Reed Length: Approx. 9"

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