Behind the Fragrance: Milk

What began as a new father’s quest to find chemical-free bath products that were gentle enough for his daughters, has evolved into a perennial top selling bath & body collection known as Milk. Read on to discover the story behind our iconic Milk collection from our Founder, David Klass.


How It Started


“As the new father of two girls, I still remember how special the nighttime baths were. One winter, I was given the very serious task of bringing home a body wash and lotion that wouldn’t leave the girls feeling so dry. I looked; I really did - but I couldn’t find anything legitimately hydrating that wasn’t filled with the kinds of chemicals that we’ve always tried to avoid. My wife, Tracy, had recently mentioned a “milk facial” that she loved, so we decided to look into the benefits of milk solids.

milk bath and body care


When I brought my new dilemma into work, a few of us decided to see if we could create a few small batches that could keep everyone happy - and safely hydrated.

What we found was that when we combined dried milk solids with oat and soy protein, plus an assortment of botanicals, it created this extremely moisturizing and gentle base – with a subtle and pleasant scent.

It not only leaves the body clean and naturally exfoliated but has the added benefits of being anti-inflammatory and collagen boosting.


Milk. Pure & Simple.


"The problem of dry skin in the house was quickly laid to rest – and the inspiration for an entirely new collection took hold. Today, the Milk collection has grown to include a curated array of gentle cleansing, scrubbing and hydrating products for the bath that leaves skin, in the winter and all year round, looking and feeling great.”

Discover the pure and simple goodness of Soy and Oat Milk for your bath and body care. From milk body lotion to milk body wash or bubble bath, your skin and senses will feel the benefits.