Valentine's Day Gift Guide: The Archipelago 2023 Edition

Valentine’s Day is full of sweeping, cinematic promise. It’s a day when it feels like anything is possible: your ideal meet-cute in the bookstore poetry section; finally taking that luxurious weekend vacation for one; or enjoying a picturesque night of romance with your one and only. 

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for yourself or your loved ones isn’t just a gift. It’s a vehicle that transports the senses into a love scene fit for the big screen. 

For Valentine’s Day in 2023, don’t pick up another box of chalky truffles and call it a day. Give (or keep) a gift that sets your ideal romantic scene—with you and true love shooting sparks from center-set. 

The Most Romantic Fragrances

Setting up the most moving Valentine’s Day moments involves choosing the right fragrance to surround yourself and whomever you choose to spend it with. For a day or night so magical, not just any fragrance will do. Choose a fragrance that evokes the feelings you’d like to create, like love, lust, or fresh beginnings. 

Here are some of the most romantic fragrances you can benefit from this Valentine’s Day: 

  • Rose – The quintessential fragrance of this holiday evoking passion and romance  
  • Charcoal – For cleansing, refreshing, and beginning anew with clear intention
  • Jasmine – A sweet, floral fragrance ripe with notes of succulent cherry and musk  
  • Water lily – As gentle as the rippling breeze and subtle for more delicate tastes 
  • Fig – Slightly fruity and slightly earthy, a fragrance that exudes classic elegance 
  • Peony – The model of floral fragrance quintessential to lustrous spring gardens 
  • Gardenia – A floral fragrance eliciting tropical vibrancy and warm sunshine 
  • Orange Fresh, citrusy, and warm, refreshing the senses and inviting energy

  • It’s no surprise that floral fragrances are at the top of the list of the best of Valentine’s Day. But be sure to balance the floral element with other fragrances that complement it and bring out its best notes. The end result? A well-rounded atmosphere (or should we say, setting) for your love story to unfold. 

    Ready to flick through and find your bespoke Valentine’s Day story starring you? Whether you’re looking to treat your body to the utmost relaxation or adventure out of town for a twist-filled romantic montage, here are a few ideas to get your reels turning. 

    Indulge in soothing body care products. Explore collection!

    #1 Delight in a Spa Day

    For many of us, nothing sounds quite as romantic as the ultimate day of pampering. And with the right products atop your vanity, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home. Simply pour your favorite wine into a glass, draw a bubble bath, and lay your softest slippers nearby. 

    To wrap yourself in luxury, treat yourself (or you and your costar in this sumptuous scene) to an invigorating bubble bath. The Charcoal Rose Bubble Bath from Archipelago is all you need to instill the ideal floral-meets-natural fragrance that feels like a bed of rose petals and promotes clarity. 

    Loving the sound of a Valentine’s Day spa day? Try out these other spa-day essentials: 

    • Relax into a soothing massage with the Charcoal Rose Body Oil
    • Lather in silky suds with the Charcoal Rose Body Wash
    • Lay a bath tray across the tub filled with chocolate-covered fruit or comforting tea
    • Place a treasured romance novel and a towel nearby for hours of gripping mystique

    #2 Surround Yourself with Friends

    Gone are the days of dollar-section decor and nail-art kits they’ll never use. We’re elevating Galentine’s Day to the level that you and your friends deserve. If a day of love sounds to you like being surrounded by your very best friends, a few bottles of wine, and a board of decadent treats, then this storyline is for you.

    Here’s how to execute an impeccable Galentine’s Day with your friends at home: 

    • Set out a variety of wines, cheeses, breads, and beverages for their arrival
    • Place fragrant reed diffusers like the Hamptons Luxe in the living and bathrooms
    • Plan options for watching romantic comedies, unboxing snacks, or talking all night 
    • Line the coffee table with face masks, scrunchies, and soft hand towels 

    And to show your people how much they mean to you, send them home with a gift they can lavish themselves with for weeks afterward. The Charcoal Rose Daily Ritual Set gives them everything they need to treat themselves to floral aromatherapy and rejuvenating relaxation. 

    #3 Wrap Yourself in Self-Love 

    If you’re leaning into a self-love Valentine’s Day, we’re setting this scene just for you. Picture the pan-in: you start with a trip to your local florist where a dozen red roses are reserved with your name on them. You duck into the local corner store, plucking treats from the shelves and then some before you cozy into a home you’ve designed all your own. 

    If we were working on the set of this heartfelt film (and we sure wish we were), we’d have a Magnolia Reed Diffuser atop the counter, floating fragrances of delicate magnolias and sweet honey upon your arrival. The addition of red currants and bartlett pear make this diffuser both floral and fruity, like a glass of champagne dancing across your palate. 

    As you throw on a silky pair of pajamas and light your matching Magnolia Frosted Jar Candle in the living room, the world is your oyster: read a book, watch movies, journal with your nicest pen, or order five-star Italian for delivery. 

    #4 Take a Weekend Trip

    Valentine’s Day in 2023 falls on a Tuesday—making it the perfect excuse to extend the prior weekend for a quick jaunt away. If l-o-v-e spells adventure for you, we highly recommend taking the plunge and packing your carry-on without remorse. 

    Whether you decide to take a special someone along with you or venture solo (we have a feeling that fate has a mysterious romance waiting in the stars for the latter), bring the relief of fine fragrance and nourishing luxury with you: 

    #5 Transport Yourself Anywhere from Home

    If you can’t swing a weekend trip around Valentine’s Day but still wish to set the copybook scene of romance for you and your loved one, not to worry. With an expertly crafted setting and a few devices to allure the senses, you can transport your love story anywhere. 

    Luckily, Archipelago is an expert in crafting fragrances inspired by locations all over the globe—so all you need to do is light a candle, close your eyes, and get comfortable. 

    Here are some of our favorite fragrance-induced settings for this Valentine’s Day: 

  • The Hamptons – There’s a reason why this shore-lined destination evokes such feelings of elegance and luxury. From the sprawling, tailored greens to white sand beaches, The Hamptons provide the opulent seaside getaway to heat up any romance. The Hamptons Luxe Candle provides driftwood, water lily, and jasmine fragrances that take you and your partner straight to the coast along the misty waves.1

  • Nantucket – Just about every romance novel set in a small, New England town may as well take place in Nantucket. Old-world charm and cobblestone streets pave the way for a quiet romance that blooms as brightly as the spring blossoms. As you breathe in the Nantucket Luxe Candle’s gardenia-and-jasmine fragrance, so too do you feel the gentle wind of sails and your love’s embrace at sunset.2

  • Tulum – For a tropical love story you’ll never forget, ignite your Tulum Jar Candle and arrive on the lush Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. Generous sunshine, turquoise waters, and sultry, sunkissed nights dancing with your special someone. Fragrances of peccary woods, flor de mayo, and the subtle zest of orange carry the island breeze to wherever you are. 

  • Charleston – If your love story is one of vibrancy and color, Charleston is calling you. Few places bear more bright landscapes, decadent food, and detailed design than Charleston, South Carolina. Experience charm, luxury, and some of the most flourishing nature that comes together in the Charleston Jar Candle with fragrances of jasmine, fresh cotton, and peach nectar. 

  • Positano – Travel to the coastal oasis of Italy, where Valentine’s Day is every day. Jasmine, eucalyptus, and lime mingle together in the Positano Jar Candle to take you and your lover straight into the cultural epicenter. To complete your Positano-themed evening, toss together a homemade Margherita pizza paired with a bottle of Monte da Ravasqueira. 

  • Make This Valentine’s Day the One to Remember with Archipelago

    To experience an unforgettable romance this Valentine’s Day from your couch, your bathroom, or your weekender bag, all you need are a few masterfully designed fragrances. Celebrate love and cast yourself in the story you desire with help from Archipelago

    We’ve been designing clean, safe, and worldly fragrances since 1998 with luxury at the core of our craft. We don’t just make fragrances that smell nice. We design fragrances that transport all five senses while elevating your home decor and lifestyle. Our candles burn cleanly, throw generously, and spark far more than just a flame. 

    Master the loveliest day of the year and shop our Valentine’s Day Collection today. The artistic direction of this romance story is yours to lead. 


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