6 Spa Scents To Revitalize Your Home

A spa visit is all about indulging the senses—subtle, neutral tones ease your mind as you sip on earthy teas, listen to trickling waterfalls, and melt into plush, creamy robes. But nothing quite sets the mood more than the diffusion of some of the most relaxing scents

From fresh and woodsy incense to essences of citrus and floral, spa-inspired scents can transform any space into a serene retreat. To that end, we’ve gathered six natural aromas to infuse into your home, especially for when you want to enjoy an at-home spa day.

#1 Peppermint

Crisp and invigorating, peppermint feels clean—it’s a breath of minty-fresh air. 

Derived from one of the many varieties of herbs in the mint family, peppermint oil helps promote calmness and serenity and reduce feelings of stress.1 It’s also believed that peppermint oil may help boost your brain power.2 To enliven your home and mind, look no further than our Eucalyptus Mint Jar Candle or Eucalyptus Mint Reed Diffuser.

#2 Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus infused your space with a crisp, woodsy, and slightly minty aroma. 

The tree extract is a staple bathroom fragrance—add a Eucalyptus Boxed Candle to your nightly bath or hang eucalyptus branches from your shower head to invigorate your senses, calm your nerves, and clear your sinus passages.3

#3 Lavender

Floral-forward with a hint of herbal woodsiness, lavender is the ultimate wind-down fragrance for relaxation and stress relief, which is why our team at Archipelago has formulated our Lavande Boxed Candle and Lavande Reed Diffuser with this soothing ingredient. Breathing in the strong yet delicate scent of the dainty purple flower extract may be incredibly therapeutic to soothe your nerves and relieve stress after a long day.4

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#4 Lemongrass

Earthy and sweet with a citrus twist, lemongrass (which is used in our Lemmongrass Boxed Candle and Lemmongrass Reed Diffuser) is a fresh fragrance from tropical grass frequently used in southern Asian cuisine. 

The light, lemony aroma evokes memories of gusty tropical breezes, plus it may offer a bevy of mood-lifting benefits, including:5 

  • Stress relief
  • Mood elevation
  • Energy stimulation

#5 Bergamot

Bergamot is most popularly used in Earl Grey tea. On its own in a Bergamot Jar Candle, however, this ingredient brings tangy and citrus-forward floral notes to a space. 

It’s sourced from the rind of the Mediterranean tree’s fruit, similar to an orange. Like oranges, it also offers a bounty of potential benefits, including:6

  • Mental wellbeing
  • Positive moods
  • Feelings of calm

#6 Rose

Warm, rich, and floral, rose elevates a simple room to a sumptuous sanctuary. 

And roses aren’t just for romance—rose oil can help you feel relaxed, lift your mood, and support stress relief.7 And unlike the dozen roses on your countertop, aromatherapy rose scent used in a product like our Charcoal Rose Reed Diffuser won’t fade or brown in under a week, so you can enjoy the flower’s essence as long as you desire. 

Incorporating Spa Scents Into Your Space

Wondering how to make your home smell like a spa? Incorporate relaxing, therapeutic fragrances into your daily life by selecting a spa scent that speaks to your senses. Perhaps lavender brings you back to happy days in your grandmother's garden, or the fresh, clean aroma of peppermint inspires you to start your day with focused intention.  

Whether you prefer straight, single-source scents or expertly crafted blends that bring out the best of the refreshing, nature-inspired aromas, you can incorporate spa scents in your home easily:

  • Candles – The flickering flame of a candle is calming in and of itself, and scented tin candles that delicately throw fragrances like eucalyptus mint can transform your space.
  • Diffusers – With long-lasting fragrance and aesthetic bottles that elevate your home decor, infusing scents like lemongrass or lavender thyme using a reed diffuser can help ease your mind and body.
  • Bath & Body Care – Whether you’re submerged in a milk bath with delicate hints of vanilla or caressing your skin with lavender body lotion, bath and body care products leave you with a subtle scent that carries with you through the day.  
  • Cleaning Products – When your laundry products and household cleaning stash include natural fragrances like charcoal rose or citrus, household chores feel more like a relaxing home refresh than an inconvenience. 

Embrace A Fragrance-Filled Life With Archipelago 

Whether evoking memories of faraway travels or cozy, calming comfort, fragrance influences your senses. For almost 25 years, we’ve been bringing the essence of natural wonders to your space through finely crafted products for the home and body.

At Archipelago, our natural fragrance blends are thoughtfully crafted to transport and inspire, whether you’re lighting hand-poured premium soy blend glass jar candles or moisturizing with body lotion infused with natural ingredients.

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