The Archipelago Self Care Gift Guide: 2022 Edition

From transporting aromatherapy experiences to rejuvenating peaceful rest—the art of self care is all about being able to pause, reflect, and promote wellness from within. This sense of presence—staying in the moment—is the foundation for an improved quality of life. 

If you’re on the hunt for the best self care gifts (for someone else or yourself), let our definitive list be your guide for holiday gifts that encourage and inspire.

12 Best Self Care Gift Ideas

Promote wellness in yourself and the ones you love by giving self care gifts that encourage mindfulness and relaxation. From creating a calming ambiance to inspiring well being inside and out, try these ideas for the perfect self care gifts for women and men. 

#1 Fragranced Glass Candle

The toasty, flickering glow of a glass jar candle as it gently throws scent throughout the room is the perfect introduction to self care at home. Clean burning candles with tones of spicy warmth add a cozy ambiance during the holiday season, while calming herbal blends create a spa-like oasis in your space. 

Consider some of our candle favorites for your favorite gift recipient: 

  • For the friend who loves brighter notes, our Currant Frosted Jar Candle throws the fresh fragrance of currant and citrus for a crisp glow in an attractive glass jar that will dress up their space even when the flame is out.
  • If your loved one has been bit by the travel bug, give them a glass jar candle that evokes fond memories of their favorite places, like the coastal island breeze of Martha’s Vineyard or the Mediterranean-inspired lotus, bergamot, and lemon leaf of Santorini.
  • For encouraging holiday spirit, a seasonal-themed votive set is always a good choice. Our Holiday Spice Votive Gift Set is beautifully boxed and ready to give your favorite friend the warm comforts of evocative seasonal fragrance in gorgeous hand-poured decorative glass votives. 

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#2 Decorative Reed Diffuser

Give the gift of fine fragrance with a decorative reed diffuser that not only smells incredible, but adds an elegant touch to home decor on a shelf or countertop. Reed diffusers are ideal presents for someone who prefers a consistent fragrance without an open flame. Personalize your gift by sharing your favorite scent or a fragrance that evokes a special moment or place shared between you and your loved one, like your recent trip to The Hamptons or ski trip to Vail

#3 Herbal Tea Set

Cooling mint, calming chamomile, and invigorating hibiscus teas are excellent additions to any self care gift basket. The process of preparing and drinking a cup of tea encourages mindfulness and peace as you sip and enjoy the many benefits of your tea of choice. Include a handcrafted artisan ceramic mug in their favorite colors and tea ball for a gift that covers all the beverage bases. 

#4 Soothing Skin Care

Sumptuous body care products are the perfect way to give inspiring self care to your loved ones or yourself. Whether you give a single skin care product or combine them for a self care basket overflowing with luxurious health and beauty products, consider some of these lavish skin care essentials: 

  • Hand Crème – Want to give the gift of soft, smooth hands but can’t decide whether your loved one prefers soothing oat milk or fragrant charcoal rose? A Hand Crème Trio Gift Set filled with a variety of pampering lotions is ready to gift in an attractive box—just add a bow!
  • Body Lotion – When it comes to body lotion, it’s hard to top the smooth hydration of Black Honey Body Lotion. Blended with jojoba oil and the most sought-after honey in the world, this lotion goes on smooth and absorbs into the skin for ultimate moisture retention. 
  • Body Oil – For soft supple skin, body oil is the best. Our Pomegranate Body Oil smoothly hydrates with the delicate fragrance of pomegranate, orange, and peach. 
  • Lip Balm – A perfect stocking stuffer, our Milk Lip Balm provides SPF protection and unmatched moisture with the help of beeswax and coconut oil for kissable lips that can stand up to the dry, cold winter weather. 

#5 Weighted Blanket

A warm weighted blanket that encourages restful and restorative sleep is like giving your loved one the gift of a nightly bedtime hug. The deep pressure stimulation helps to calm and lower stress levels, promoting tranquility as you drift off to slumber.1 When they tuck themselves in at night under their weighted blanket, they’ll think of you and your thoughtful gift-giving abilities. 

#6 Luxurious Bath Products

Is there anything more relaxing than a bubble bath to soothe your skin and calm your mind? The gift of a deliciously aromatic soak, bath bomb, or body scrub will bring joy to anyone, whether it’s a present for the holidays or a treat for yourself. Try incorporating a gift basket filled with some of the best in luxurious bath products

  • Bubble bath – With notes of rose, charcoal, citrus, and sage, our Charcoal Rose Bubble Bath adds enticing fragrance to a detoxifying and restorative bath so soothing they might never want to leave the tub. 
  • Bar soap – While soap may not seem like a big deal, you give a gift of clean that lasts with a fine crafted bar soap. For a moisture-rich clean, the Soy Milk All Natural Bar Soap offers a creamy lather with notes of vanilla and fresh milk for a spa-like daily washing experience. 
  • Body wash – For an invigorating and awakening daily shower, our Morning Mint 17 oz. Body Wash is gentle on the skin while packing a big herbal punch with notes of mint, basil, and tea to enliven the senses. 
  • Bath salts – For soothing hydration and calming detoxification, bath salts are best if you’ve got sore muscles and need pain relief. With the aromatherapy benefits of essential oil blends combined with Epsom salts, bath salts are always a welcome gift. 

#7 Cozy Socks

Our feet carry us through the ins and outs of the day, so make sure they’re getting some much needed pampering, too. Warm toes encased in thick, fluffy socks is an essential part of hygge at home during chilly winter months. From chunky hand-knit angora wool to warm fleece socks with grippers, cozy socks will keep your loved one's feet happy while they relax and unwind with a book and a hot cup of herbal tea. 

#8 Warm Pajamas

Whether you prefer smooth silk sets or cozy flannel pants, pajamas are the perfect gift for encouraging comfortable relaxation. A classic button front piped flannel set will feel like home, while an ultra-luxe velvet pajama set is the epitome of bedtime opulence. Add a fluffy robe for an extra layer of love to show how much you care. 

#9 Pura Smart Home Diffuser

For your tech-loving friend, the Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser Set provides them with an ultra-modern way to add scintillating diffused fragrance to fill their home. You can connect the evocative fragrance of Big Sur and Napa to an app on your phone, allowing for smart scheduling and precise control over fragrance intensity, even when they’re not at home. 

#10 Sleep Mask

Soothing sleep does wonders when it comes to self care, and a comfortable sleep mask is a luxurious and thoughtful gift. Blocking out lights with a sleep mask signals your body to produce melatonin, the hormone needed to calm your mind and body as it readies for sleep.2 Consider a sleep mask in luxurious mulberry silk or an aromatherapy face mask filled with lavender and chamomile for a soothing sleep boost they’ll love. 

#11 Silk Pillowcase

High-end items you don’t always think to buy for yourself often make the best self care gifts. Inspiring skin and hair health while you sleep, a silk pillowcase is a wonderfully unexpected luxury gift for the beauty lover in your life. Sleeping on a mulberry silk pillow could lead to better hair days due to the lack of static while you slumber, and the rich material leaves your natural oils in place overnight for smooth skin and shiny hair when you wake.3 

#12 Yoga Classes

Looking for a unique self care gift idea? The meditative stretching and strengthening of practicing yoga promotes wellness both inside and out, making it an ideal addition to a self-care routine. Wrap up a new yoga mat with a card that includes a gift certificate for beginner yoga classes that you and your best friend can attend together, or if you’re seasoned yoga participants, try a specialized class like steamy hot yoga or intense Ashtanga.

Treat Yourself And Your Loved Ones To Self Care With Archipelago

When it comes to self care, sometimes you need a little help to detach from the stresses of the day. A luxurious self care package that provides warmth, comfort, and relaxation is the perfect way to show the important people in your life how much you care.

At Archipelago, we have all the self care gifts you need to treat your loved ones for the holidays and beyond. Whether it's an invigorating aromatherapy experience for the home or soothing and restorative bath and body care, give the gift of mindfulness this season with fragranced candles, lotion, diffusers, and more. 


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