How Do Reed Diffusers Work?

Are you considering adding fragrance to your home? A reed diffuser may be exactly what you need to refresh your space and clear your mind. 

In fact, reed diffusers offer a natural way to fill your home with long-lasting, sophisticated fragrance blends that can transform any room into a serene oasis perfectly tailored to your tastes. 

But what are reed diffusers made from, and how do they throw fragrance so well? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about reed diffusers and how they work.

What is a Reed Diffuser And How Do Reed Diffusers Work?

When learning how to use a reed diffuser, the first thing you should get familiar with are the components. A great source of fragrance for your space, reed diffusers are made of three simple components: 

  • Reeds
  • Fragrance Oil
  • Vessel

The three parts work together to consistently release scent into the air, filling your room with enduring scents and requiring minimal maintenance for months on end. 

All About Reeds

The wooden reeds of your diffuser are like the wick of a candle: they deliver fragrance, via a carrier, from the vessel to the atmosphere. Unlike your favorite scented candle, reeds don’t need a flame to function. Instead, they utilize the properties of their natural wood to absorb the diffuser oil from the vessel and release it into the air. 

Wooden reeds are typically made from wicker or rattan due to the material’s innate ability to evenly deliver the scent—the wicks contain small channels that move the fragrance oil as if through a straw.

The number of reeds in your vessel will influence the strength of the fragrance throw. The more reeds in the vessel, the more intense the fragrance. 

So, how long do reed diffusers last? The number of reeds will also determine how long your fragrance oil will last before it needs to be refilled, as more reeds mean quicker use of the fragrance oil. 

All About Fragrance Oils & Solvents

The most important part of the reed diffuser is (of course) the fragrance. Pure essential oils on their own won’t work well in a reed diffuser—they need to be blended with a solvent, like a carrier oil or alcohol, to thin them out and aid in absorption and transportation by the reed. 

At Archipelago, our reed diffuser oils are specially crafted with high quality essential oil-infused fragrance blends that utilize quality ingredients and are ready for use in your diffuser—no other ingredients or additives are required. 

All About Vessels

Reed diffuser vessels are typically made of hard, nonporous materials like ceramic or glass. While you can find them in a wide range of shapes and sizes, the best vessels will:

  • Feature narrow openings that slow evaporation 
  • Come at a height that allows the reeds to be exposed a good amount above the rim 

When it comes to selecting the right reed diffuser vessel for your space, quality counts, as this will help ensure your diffuser provides optimal fragrance throw for an extended period of time. 

Not to mention, a beautiful, artfully-crafted glass or ceramic vessel will provide a striking visual interest within your home.


Reed Diffuser vs Aroma Diffuser: What’s the Difference?

Wondering about the difference between a reed diffuser and an aroma diffuser? Both deliver fragrance, but in slightly different ways: 

  • Reed diffusers rely on the natural properties of the reed for fragrance delivery, allowing for continuous fragrance disbursement for months at a time. 

  • Aroma diffusers disburse fragrance using a heat source (often powered by an electrical cord or battery) to warm cold water and essential oil mixture, which is then delivered into the air as a fine mist. 

Another diffuser type to consider is a smart diffuser, which provides all the same fragrance benefits of the reed stick and aroma diffusers with the added convenience of being able to control the frequency and intensity of the fragrance release with an app. 

The Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser is an excellent option if you want to experience the fragrance-throwing qualities of a reed diffuser while controlling timing and potency in the palm of your hand. 

Ultimately, no matter the type of diffuser you choose, they all have the same end goal: to fill your space with exceptional fragrance. Learn more about the additional benefits of a diffuser in our recent blog post.

Elevate Your Fragrance Experience With Archipelago

If you’re ready to infuse your life with an elegant fragrance that evokes the essence of an exotic locale or a calm and peaceful day at the spa, consider purchasing a reed diffuser from Archipelago’s collection of luxe diffusers and unique fragrance blends. 

Using a reed diffuser is the perfect way to add subtle sophistication to your decor while delivering a smooth, strong fragrance throughout your space. Plus, at Archipelago, we have a variety of fragrance options to choose from—ranging from floral and citrus to gourmand and spicy. 

Find your ideal fragrance (or fragrances), and make every room in your home an uplifting oasis with Archipelago


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